Why is it called the Big Apple?

Answer The Mile High City, Denver, is officially one mile high in elevation, and the Big Peach, Atlanta, is known for peaches. But the origin of and reason for the nickname the "Big Apple" for New York is... Read More »

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What is a winter apple called?

The winter apple is called Api, Pomme d' Api or Lady apple. The winter apple is a small and hard apple. Its color tends to be red on one side and pale or white on the other side.Source:Innvista: Ap... Read More »

What is the bottom of the apple called?

The bottom of an apple is called a sepal. The sepal is where the blossom was attached to the base of the fruit. Occasionally, the stamen will still be attached to the sepal.References:University of... Read More »

Can Macs be called Apple computers?

Yes. Apple introduced the Macintosh, or Mac for short, in 1984. As of May 2010, the line of personal computers includes desktops such as the Mac Pro and iMac and three laptops including the Macbook... Read More »

What is the white part of an apple called?

The thick fleshy part of an apple is called the hypanthium. This is the portion of an apple consumed along with the outer skin. This area of the apple once held the petals and sepals of the apple b... Read More »