Why is it called saltwater taffy?

Answer There is no salt water in saltwater taffy. The story behind its name is an Atlantic City legend.OriginNo one knows for sure where taffy comes from, but it became popular on the Atlantic City boardw... Read More »

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How did saltwater taffy get its name?

Saltwater taffy is not actually salty, nor is it made with saltwater. It is a variety of sweet taffy candy. The invention and successful marketing of saltwater taffy is credited to Atlantic City du... Read More »

How is saltwater taffy made?

Definitely not with saltwater. Saltwater taffy has salt (a pinch) and water (a little) but no saltwater. It is a simple, pulled-sugar candy.Key to SuccessThe key to success is the taffy pull. Pulli... Read More »

If you want a saltwater pool can you just put salt in and let the pool pump do the rest or do you need to have a saltwater system?

Answer You need a saltwater system. The unit converts the salt (NaCl) to chlorine gas (Cl) within a chamber using electricity then (almost) immediately converts it back again to salt. The cycle is ... Read More »

Can you swallow taffy?

Most taffy is made of butter, corn syrup and sugar. These ingredients are safe and easily digestible, so it is perfectly fine to swallow taffy as long as it is done in reasonable bites to avoid cho... Read More »