Is there a surgery called 5th heart bypass surgery?

Answer There is no surgery called a 5th bypass surgery. There are three main types of heart bypass surgery: minimally invasive, traditional and off-pump. In addition to the type, a bypass surgery is also ... Read More »

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How to Pay for Plastic Surgery?

Most plastic surgery procedures are elective or cosmetic surgeries that are not covered by health insurance. Many people choose to have plastic surgery because it helps them feel better about their... Read More »

Plastic surgery?

I am getting bigger boobs too! I have already seen my plastic surgeon and my scheduled date is this july! I am so excited. Everyone I have talked to agrees that I would love it and they support me.... Read More »

Has Bob Barker had plastic surgery?

Yes. You can see it really obviously on the state farm commercial. Looks like he got some eye work done--same disastrous result as Kenny Rogers.

Are you for or against plastic surgery?

I'm for it if you were in a serious accident and plastic surgery is the only fix. Or if you have a disfigurement that is seriously obvious. Other than that, I'm against it. You can buy a car or hou... Read More »