Why is it called palm sunday?

Answer The term Palm Sunday comes from a combination of church history and a specific section of the New Testament involving Jesus' arrival into Jerusalem.The "Palm" of Palm SundayThe palm part of Palm Su... Read More »

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What do the palm leaves represent on Palm Sunday?

Palm leaves, which are given to church patrons on Palm Sunday, are used to commemorate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. According to Bible scripture, crowds of Christ’s followers laid palm tree br... Read More »

What is another name for Palm Sunday?

In the Irish culture, the Sunday before Easter--commonly referred to as Palm Sunday--is known as Yew Sunday. This is assumed to be because yew branches were used in the service in place of the hard... Read More »

Does Lent end on Palm Sunday?

Lent ends on Holy Thursday, not Palm Sunday, according to Catholic Online. Palm Sunday is the last Sunday during the Lenten season. Lent is a 40-day period of reflection for Christians that precede... Read More »

What date is palm sunday of 1959?

Palm Sunday, a Christian holiday that celebrates Jesus's entry into Jerusalem, always falls on the Sunday before Easter Sunday. In 1959, Easter fell on March 29. That means that Palm Sunday was cel... Read More »