Why is it called corned beef?

Answer Corned beef was so named because the English term "corn" denotes a small particle, such as salt pellets. "Corning" a food is the process of preserving it, using corns of salt or a heavily salted br... Read More »

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How do i make corned beef out of roast beef?

Prepare the Corned BeefPlace the roast beef brisket on a cutting board.Cut away excess fat from the beef.Apply the Cure RubCombine 1/4 cup curing salt, 2 tbsp. brown sugar, 1 tbsp. black pepper, 1 ... Read More »

How do i cut corned beef?

Place the cooked corned beef on a serving platter or cutting board. Note the pattern of grooves or lines in the meat. This is the grain and usually runs lengthwise along the meat; it will look simi... Read More »

How do I fix corned beef?

Corned beef requires, not corn, but several other vegetables cooked with a brine-saturated beef brisket. This dish takes a little more than two hours to cook, but days to prepare.No Need for CornTh... Read More »

How do i carve corned beef?

Carve corned beef by slicing it thinly, against the grain. The grain is the direction in which muscle fibers run. Since corned beef is made from brisket--a tough, flavorful cut of beef--the muscle ... Read More »