Why is it called an ipod?

Answer In May 1998, Steve Jobs, Apple's leader, introduced a new computer called the iMac using a slide show where he explained the "i" stood for "Internet" or "individual, instruct, inform or inspire." S... Read More »

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What's this ipod called?

Why is the iPod called an iPod?

AnswerVinnie Chieco, contracted by apple, thought of the name. He, thinking of more science fiction based names, considered the project to be made of 2 parts: A main space hub, as in outer space do... Read More »

What was the first type of ipod made called?

The first ever digital audio player created was Kane Kramer's IXI, which never entered commercial production. The first iPod, I believe, was simply the iPod (I'm not entirely sure on the latter).

What ipod is this called picture included.?