Why is it called a semi truck?

Answer The vehicles commonly referred to as "semi trucks" are often the biggest vehicles on any stretch of road. Considering that "semi" means "half," it's natural to wonder, semi-what? The answer is: sem... Read More »

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How tall is a semi truck?

Though the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that all semitrailer trucks be no wider that 8.5 feet, the maximum height is determined by state law rather than federal regulations. The... Read More »

How to Drive a Semi Truck?

If you're looking to learn how to drive a semi here's what you need to know: start, stop, turn, shift, and always be in control of a big rig.

How do i lease a semi truck?

Choose Your Lease CompanyChoose the company from which you would like to lease your truck. Use the Internet to find names of credit-lending companies and truck companies that lease or finance truck... Read More »

Who invented the semi truck?

In 1919 C.L. Cummins invented the first semi-truck diesel engine. In the 1930s Peterbilt designed the semi-truck body.Source:Peterbilt: HistorySemi Truck Color History; Stan Holtzman; 1997