Why is it called a pocketbook?

Answer The word "pocketbook" applied to a small purse or bag for carrying money dates back to the 17th century. The term comes from the Anglo-Normans, who ruled England after the Celts, Saxons and Britons... Read More »

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Who invented the pocketbook?

Pocketbooks do not have a single inventor. They evolved over thousands of years in many cultures. The Bible refers to Judas Iscariot as a purse carrier, and the Egyptians strapped purses around the... Read More »

How to Embroider a Pocketbook?

Embroider a fancy and colorful pocketbook. Fun and easy embroidery project.

How to Prepare a Pocketbook?

Did you just get a new purse, and don't know what to put it? Well... keep reading because I'm going to tell you some items that you should always have with you.

How to Make Pocketbook Handles?

All too often, you finally find a purse you really like, only to have to abandon it when the handles wear out before the rest of the bag. Now, add your own replacement straps to recycle that pocket... Read More »