Why is it called a ginger jar?

Answer Traditional Chinese ginger jars are used both ornamentally and functionally to store a variety of spices and oils. They are typically made of porcelain.Name OriginationAccording to the Powerhouse M... Read More »

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How can I tell people that being called ginger hurts?

You know what? I love people with red hair and freckles. I think it is an absolutely beautiful thing to be blessed with, and I am quite envious of it in all honesty. All of my guy friends go weak i... Read More »

How much ground ginger equals a fresh ginger root?

When cooking, 1/8 tsp. of ground ginger powder equals 1 tbsp. of chopped, minced or shredded ginger. The taste of powdered and fresh ginger are not completely the same, however, so use the substitu... Read More »

Is buderim ginger refresher cordial REAL ginger?

No.Ginger is good for nausea. But if you are vomiting and have diarrhea see a doctor.

What tv show is the character called beans a ginger kid from i think its an American tv show?