Why is it better to heat your home with solar energy?

Answer Solar energy makes use of a resource that most people have access to, using strategic design to add warmth to a home. In 2010, more home designs are using solar energy as architects become more con... Read More »

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Can I heat my home with solar energy?

On One Hand: Solar Power Saves EnergyIf you have "passive" solar energy, you're using the sun's energy to heat your home in the winter. The design of your home helps "reject" too much sun and lower... Read More »

How to Use Solar Energy to Heat a Pool?

The success of heating your pool with sunlight will vary depending on how much sun you get, how big and cold the pool is, and how much dark-colored hose you are prepared to buy - but some increase ... Read More »

Is solar energy better than coal energy?

Using coal for energy pollutes the air, water and land, and coal is not a renewable resource. Solar energy does not pollute the air, water or land and is a renewable energy resource. For environmen... Read More »

How to Use Solar Energy to Provide Heat and Electricity?

Solar energy is a renewable resource, and it also produces up to 89 percent fewer toxic air-emissions than traditional energy sources, according to the Photovoltaic Environmental Research Center. I... Read More »