Why is it better to fully discharge rechargeable batteries before recharging?

Answer What is "battery memory". Basicly the idea is that if you only use 1/2 the charge then recharge, then use 1/2 the charge and recharge, rinse & repeat, the materials in the battery will 'think' tha... Read More »

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Are nimh rechargeable batteries interchangeable with nicd rechargeable batteries?

Yes, NiMH and NiCd batteries are generally interchangeable, and are interchangeable with traditional alkaline batteries. Simply replace the battery with the appropriate size, AAA, AA, and so on. N... Read More »

Do you need to charge rechargeable batteries before you use?

The best way to do a rechargeable battery is if there is a charge in it is to run the battery completely down. Then charge it completely and it is ready for use. Sometime it takes several charges t... Read More »

Are regular or rechargeable batteries better?

On One Hand: Rechargeable Batteries Are Environmentally Safer.When you dispose of non-rechargeable batteries, they end up in landfills, steadily releasing stores of potentially hazardous substances... Read More »

Which is better, Camera with own rechargeable battery or camera that needs AA batteries?

Depends upon the camera. For an SLR, a lithium-ion dedicated rechargeable is preferable because of how much energy is stored.However, for a point and shoot which is used irregularly, rechargeable ... Read More »