Why is it better for the environment to be a vegan/vegetarian?

Answer Most of the farmland in the world is devoted to one main purpose - to grow food for fattening up the animals in factory farms for meat-eaters. This takes up an enormous amount of land. This transla... Read More »

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How Is Solar Power Better for the Environment?

Solar power is gaining popularity as an alternative energy source because it takes advantage of a resource that is seemingly limitless: the sun. Using solar panels to collect energy from the sun's ... Read More »

Why are hybrid cars better for the environment?

Hybrid cars generally get between 40 and 70 miles per gallon, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, and higher gas mileage translates into savings for consumers. With more than 1 million hybr... Read More »

Why Are Organic Foods Better for the Environment?

The organic farming movement began around 1930 as a response to the growing industrialization of agricultural techniques and the increasing reliance on synthetic fertilizers. Among the goals of the... Read More »

Why are electric cars better for the environment?

According to the European Commission of Mobility and Transport, electric cars or "electric vehicles" (EVs) are better for the environment because they "offer the possibility to substitute oil with ... Read More »