Why is it bad to talk about your family negatively to others?

Answer You may not mean to, but it lowers your thought about them on the inside. When you talk about someone, your level lowers, and you catch yourself doing things about it like ignoring them, or making ... Read More »

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Is it normal if your boyfriend doesn't want to talk to you if a family member dies in his family?

Yes, it is quite common for an individual to not want to talk to their mate when someone they love has died. It is a form of grief so have patience and realize that he is not only trying to come to... Read More »

TH Family: Do you talk to TH members on here?

I talk to only one person. :)But if you're lonely you can message

Can you use iPhone 3G with family talk?

nothing but for the iphone u have a monthly bill

Why does Wikipedia react so negatively to help?

In all likelihood, my dear, you've done nothing wrong, other than to share the consumer services of an Internet service provider that uses dynamic IP addresses, and you've come upon the IP address ... Read More »