Why is it bad to mix two depressants?

Answer Depressants cause chemicals in your brain to slow down, and interfere with brain cell communication and function. Ingesting two depressant substances can create heightened problems---physically and... Read More »

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Can you OD on anti-depressants?

Sounds like a suicide question. Don't think i should answer this...

How can i get some anti depressants?

Do anti-depressants work?

Cannabis... I'm not telling you to become a stoner. But like less than a single Full hit out of a vaporizer a day. You won't even feel high. But it should improve your mood and make you feel uplift... Read More »

Natural Anti-Depressants?

How about going to the library and seeing if they have a copy of the Tony Robins tapes.On on these tapes Tony Robins discusses how we need to "work at" being depressed, in fact we need to use every... Read More »