Why is it bad to just pull out a USB?

Answer It CAN damage your computer (or your data) but it's highly unlikely. The problem with just pulling the drive straight from the computer is that while your flash drive is plugged into your computer... Read More »

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Did I pull a muscle Should I just take it easy all night?

Goodness me, I'm not surprised that you have a dull ache after walking 10 miles per day. You could have pulled a muscle,so yes, you should take some painkillers and rest. If the pain doesn't disapp... Read More »

Im just wondering but will people look at me strangely if i pull all my hair to the front?

Do you wear your belts just 'fitting' or do you like to pull it to a tighter hole?

i like it to fit into a tighter hole because it makes me feel skinnier!

Did I pull a muscle Or did I almost pull one?

Yeah you probably mildly pulled it. If you can walk and jump and everything, you'll probably be fine within a week. If it hurts, take pain relievers. Take it easy with the stretches for awhile and ... Read More »