Why is it at times cable internet is so fast then other times it is slow?

Answer It's cool to be first in line. I get first hit at the cable wire.Doesn't work that way, but my neighbors think it does.It is true, with Cable you share the bandwidth, but everybody gets hit at the... Read More »

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Is there any reason why urine is really yellow at times and at other times not?

The colour of the urine is caused by a yellow pigment called UROCHROME secreted by the kidneys in a fairly constant amount per day and everyday. The kidneys normally excrete about 1500mls of water... Read More »

Why does my itunes play songs sometimes and then not other times?

Due to some kind of the component problem... You might want to go for the iTunes repair or Apple Care...Good luck!

Why do women's vaginas feel loose sometimes and then tight other times?

It could actually be that you are ovulating and your vagina is just opening up because it wants to make a baby-especially if you are producing more lubricant. My fiance used to accuse me, too. I NE... Read More »

Why do youtube videos load very slowly sometimes, and then other times a lot faster?

sometimes they go slower because nodumgys is hogging all the bandwidth by downloading some computer goes a lot faster when she isn't sucking up all the bandwidth.