Why is it a bad think teenage have pregnancy?

Answer Its not. Im 27 years old and now have 3 daughters (Ava, Kieria and Beau). I love being a mum. I gave birth vaginaly to my first daughter Beau when i was 17. She is now 10 and healthy. My other two ... Read More »

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Why people think teenage pregnancy is a bad thing?

Because of all the people who say "what can I do now I think I am pregnant"? They think sex is great but never think of the consequences of unwanted pregnancy.

What options do you have for teenage pregnancy?

Answer If you are lucky your parents will want you to keep the baby and perhaps your mother can help you out.You get married to the father of the baby (only if you are in love and of age.)Adoption.... Read More »

What influence does teenage pregnancy have on the economy?

A negative one since it costs millions to support the parents and child when it comes living expenses, health, delayed schooling, free daycare etc.

Do you think the pregnancy and parenting section should have a sub category?

problem with that is it would just be a high drama section... true it would be nice to separate abortion into it's own section but it would end up backfiring into a prochoice/prolife debate... not ... Read More »