Why is iron oxide added to bird food?

Answer Iron oxide is a common source of non-toxic and non-bleeding pigment. It is found in products ranging from shoe polish to lipstick to credit cards, and can be produced both naturally and synthetical... Read More »

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What Is Red Iron Oxide?

Iron, a transition metal and an element, forms compounds with valences +2 and +3. Although it might seem there would be only two oxides of iron, FeO and Feâ‚‚O₃, there is another oxide, Fe₃Oâ‚„... Read More »

How to Make Iron Oxide?

Iron oxide, more commonly known as rust, is the result of a chemical reaction between iron and oxygen. Cosmetic manufacturers use the iron oxide as pigments, as do paint and wood finish makers. You... Read More »

Which planet contains iron oxide that makes it red?

The large concentration of iron oxide in the soils and rocks of Mars cause it to appear red when viewed through a telescope. The Viking Lander touched down on Mars' surface in 1976 and returned the... Read More »

What is the chemical formula of iron oxide?

Iron oxide assumes three different chemical formulas, depending on the charge of the iron atom. If the iron takes a +2 charge, then it forms iron(II) oxide with the formula FeO. If it takes a +3 ch... Read More »