Why is inventory tracking important?

Answer Inventory is important not only in the finished products to sell to customers, but also in keeping track of raw materials to help production. In order to run an efficient business, you need to keep... Read More »

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Does the NIC perform inventory and tracking all national resources and assets available for deployment in incidents managed using NIMS?

What software is useful for tracking a static inventory of revolving rental items in a property management business such as cribs and high chairs?

Answer There are a variety out there, but I would recommend Microsoft Accounting 2007. There is a free version currently available from Microsoft.

Why is inventory control important?

Inventory control is the process of managing and monitoring the goods and materials held by an organization for future use or future sale. Inventory control tasks include projecting inventory usage... Read More »

Why Is it Important to Control Inventory Turnover?

Controlling inventory turnover is one of the fastest ways to get more money out of a business without having to increase sales. It's also a key way to grow a business faster. High inventory turnove... Read More »