Why is internet safety important?

Answer The Internet is a convenient way to shop and gain information. It is also an easy way to have your identity stolen, your computer ruined and to have your child put in danger.Identity TheftIf you do... Read More »

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Why is Internet safety an important topic?

If you are new to using the Internet or don't know what all the fuss is about, keeping yourself safe online can be difficult. There are several reasons why you want to be careful what you do when y... Read More »

Why is toy safety important?

Toy safety is important because if the toy wasn't safe the child with the toy could: choke on small parts and dieput out an eye with sharp partsswallow pieces and need major surgery to remove the p... Read More »

Why are safety harnesses important?

A safety harness can mean the difference between living and dying when hunting from a tree stand. According to the National Bowhunter Education Foundation, falls from tree stands account for more d... Read More »

Why is online safety important?

Internet safety and security is important because when a computer accesses the Internet, other computers may attempt to send bad data to your computer, which can harm your system or steal sensitive... Read More »