Why is intensive farming bad?

Answer It contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and pollution, and is a concern in regards to animal welfare and husbandry.

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How is organic farming different from intensive farming?

organic farming is where they don't use any chemicals as intensive farming does.a better explanation:organic farming is where the farm uses is more environmentally friendly, but it makes a smaller ... Read More »

What is the difference between the nutritional value of food products obtained by organic farming and chemical farming?

What do factory farming and organic farming have in common?

[1] In theory and in practice, the two tend to be direct opposites of each other. [2] But the two actually do hold in common an attempt to control the endproduct. [3] But the similarity stops there... Read More »

What Is Intensive Supervision Probation?

An individual who commits a crime may be sentenced to prison or granted a term of probation by the courts. In certain cases, a defendant may be placed on intensive supervision probation, also calle... Read More »