Why is important to be nice to your sister?

Answer It's important to treat people how you want to be treated. And, you might need help from her later, but since you were mean, she may not want to help you.

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How do you get a sister to be nice to you being nice?

Older or younger? Younger, treat her like an equal and include her in activities. Try to listen to what she says, and don't dismiss her comments because she's younger. Older, respect her opinion an... Read More »

How to Be Nice to Your Mean Sister?

You and your sister don't have a nice relationship. Now it's time to learn how.

How to Be Nice to Your Little Sister?

Want to be nice to your little sister?It is important to be nice to siblings, especially your little sister. She is your sister after all, and you want to get along with her. You might need her hel... Read More »

How do you get your sister to be nice?

hey the simplest way is 2 b nice 2 her..then usually she'll b nice in return...hope it helps..:)