Why is iMovie Quality so Low?

Answer First, you need to go log into your youtube account and set these videos to 'public', otherwise they can't be viewed by others than you.––––OK, it's possible that it took so long for Youtub... Read More »

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IMovie exports poor quality.?

I just tried it and as long as you select HD 1080p, it exports just fine. I am not sure what year my software is, but try looking for an update, they should be free.

In imovie I have many clips all individual could I put the same video effect on them at the same time - Imovie?

I don't think so.If ALL the editing is done, then export or Shared the project out as a low compression, high qualty, video sequence. Then import that exported file... it will no be one single long... Read More »

Does HDMI cable quality makes any difference in picture quality?

Wow. Some truly uninformed answers here. First, when speaking of HDMI (or any digital cable for that matter), cable quality DOES NOT make a difference in picture quality. As long as a digital si... Read More »

My marriages cds have a poor quality video,so i want to make them in hd quality. is it possible how?

You could make a conversion to HD but the resulting image will be of no improvement. Not in the way you are hoping for anywayYou have the option of getting married again and recording in HD, but I ... Read More »