Why is homeschooling bad?

Answer Whether a result of school bullies or a lack of confidence in the educational system, more parents are taking on the added task of homeschooling their children. With some parents making this change... Read More »

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How to Grade in Homeschooling?

This guide applies generally to homeschool grading in the USA. Guidelines to homeschooling in other countries are somewhat different and might be covered in another article.

How to Go About Homeschooling?

There are many options for educating your child. Public, charter and private schools are a few popular ways to go. Another option that is quickly becoming attractive to many parents is homeschoolin... Read More »

Is homeschooling illegal?

Homeschooling is legal in the United States, but the laws governing homeschooling vary from state to state. Some states, for example, require parents to teach specific subjects (e.g., New York, Pen... Read More »

VA Homeschooling Resources?

Home schooling is an option in any state in the United States, but each state has different laws and opportunities for home-schoolers. Finding resources for your state is important so that you are ... Read More »