Why is heavy metal an environmental problem?

Answer Heavy metal is an inexact chemical term applied to metals with a high atomic weight or density. The name is most commonly applied to metallic elements that can poison plants, animals or humans, whi... Read More »

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I kind of want to get into Metal,heavy metal and ect. any suggestions?

As I'm sure a lot of people will recommend you the "classic" bands like AC/Dc, Guns'n'Roses, Metallica, Scorpions, Iron Maiden, etc... I', gonna recommend you less-known good and softer/melodic ban... Read More »

How to Appreciate Heavy Metal?

You might not be, or know someone who isn't into Metal, and want them to get into it, or to appreciate it yourself. These are some steps to get into it without becoming crazy, or upsetting others. ... Read More »

How to Cut Heavy Metal Scrap?

When cutting heavy scrap metals made of materials such as thick steel and iron, don't bother picking up your circular saw. Instead, you'll need a tool called a "plasma cutter" or "plasma torch." Yo... Read More »

Is nickel a heavy metal?

Nickel, the 28th element on the periodic table, is considered a heavy metal due to its relatively high atomic weight and the fact that it is more than five times denser than water.References:WebEle... Read More »