Why is gum prohibited in school?

Answer Schools aren't the only places that discourage gum chewing. The sale of gum is banned in the Republic of Singapore, in order to "reduce gum-related litter and vandalism," according to the National ... Read More »

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Why photographs are prohibited in dams?

Often photographs are prohibited in areas such as dams because of the possibility of terrorist action. Pictures will be taken as a way of "casing" an area, in order to have a visual reference.

Is duct tape prohibited on airplanes?

Duct tape is not prohibited on commercial airplanes in the United States. The U.S. Transportation Safety Administration maintains a list of prohibited items and does not list duct tape, or any type... Read More »

Prohibited left turn by accident?

PatNot sure why you think this is 'only a council matter'.It is in fact an Offence under the Road Traffic Act 1988. Please see sec 36 -…It is an endorsab... Read More »

Is the remote control of heating prohibited by federal law?

No, the remote control of heating is not illegal under federal law. The Code of Federal Regulations does not list any laws relating to heating remote control. In addition, remotely controlling heat... Read More »