What happens if an 8 year old drinks 3 boost energy drinks?

Answer That's the same as giving her like 6 espressos. Are you freaking crazy? Nothing will happen to her except shell have a hell of a lot of energy, don't do it again. The caffeine is those can be addi... Read More »

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What is the single most important ingredient in energy drinks that actually gives you energy?

Guarana, taurine, yerba mate - how do these increase your energy?

Taurine is meant to help your body utilise stored fat for energy... and it also helps absorb particular nutrients.. like magnesium and calcium for example. I tried some this month (I had $15.00 cre... Read More »

Are there any drinks that taste like energy drinks?

There's this drink called Neuro Bliss that I love. It's basically like water that makes you happy

Does the 5 hour energy drinks work?

They give me a burst of energy as they claim. My wife claims they do nothing for her.I guess it depends. Everyone is different.