Why is grocery stores not having sales on canned vegetables?

Answer USA:Half of the USA is in a drought condition. Vegetables cannot be grown. Corn has burned up in the growing fields. There is no food for live stock such as cattle, sheep, pigs...chickens too. ... Read More »

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Oregon Canned Fruit in Local grocery stores in Southern California ?

Sounds repulsive but try the dollar stores they often have Oregon fruit in the can.

What grocery stores are in san diego?

Pretty much all of the National Stores, plus quite a few local and ethnic ones. Here is the list.…

Can canned vegetables be frozen?

Although you can freeze canned vegetables, it is not recommended. Doing so could damage the quality of the product, including the taste and texture. Canned vegetables are stable at room temperatur... Read More »

Do canned vegetables have almost zero nutritional value?

Wrong. Veggies in a can are nutritional. Not as fresh as frozen but none the less they are a fair nutritional intake. I use them in casseroles and with fried rice.