Why is "google it" considered a satisfactory answer?

Answer 99% of the questions on Y!A can be answered with a quick Google search. Some of these people cant find an answer because they're using Yahoo! Search instead of Google, thinking it's just as good. I... Read More »

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What's the usage of Google plus Answer Is it like Yahoo Answer?

its more of social networking, its not addictive like y!abtw, i didn't like that cos, it asks me to share, nope i don't wish to share my cheese with anyone, lol

Does Google have any Google/Answer like Yahoo does?

Google Answers succumbed because of its stupid business model.In theory, answers would come from experts, and as such it would be on a higher level than this addictive mayhem full of yahoos.In prac... Read More »

Why is Google considered better in Yahoo! in terms of search engines?

Because, quite simply, Yagoo tries to be everything to everyone and just can't do it.That's not biased, it's just a fact. I don't know if it's their corporate mentality or just a matter of having ... Read More »

How long do satisfactory student loans stay on a credit report?

According to Experian, positive information may remain on a credit report indefinitely. However, satisfactory student loan accounts that are closed and paid in full generally display on your credit... Read More »