Why is google black today?

Answer They're celebrating earth hour....trying to encourage people to turn off their lights for an hour today in order to save can go to's google that's always black. K... Read More »

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If google was founded by black men would it still be the major success it is today please no politically?

One of the good things about the internet is that it is a great leveller. You could be black, white, purple, green, hell you could even be sky blue pink with violet polka dots and it wouldn't reall... Read More »

GMMXLE in google today . What is the MMXL Meaning in Google doodle today ?

Notice for a minute, that the G and the e are different colours from the MMXl. The MMXl are yellow and they stand for the year 2011. In Roman numerals, M = 1000, X = 10. and l = 1. Added together, ... Read More »

What is with the Google title today is today some sort of holiday?

Just click on the google title, its about an artist named Igor.

Why does Google have two L's in it today?

It's Google's 11the Birthday. The Google doodle is appearing worldwide as the date becomes September 27 in each time zone.Interestingly, Google’s 10th birthday doodle was on their site on Septem... Read More »