Why is good lighting needed when breeding fish?

Answer The right intensity and periods of light are necessary whether you are breeding salt or freshwater fish. Good lighting does not mean bright lighting--it means the type of light appropriate for the ... Read More »

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How to Have Good Lighting when Taking Pictures of Fish?

Fish are hard to take pictures of all because of the lighting.. especially because they're in water. Well,this article will help you fix your lighting good to where you can take excellent pictures ... Read More »

Freshwater Fish Breeding?

Some species of freshwater fish breed easily in home aquariums, requiring little intervention from their owners. Freshwater fish species known as "livebearers," including platies, mollies, guppies ... Read More »

How to Make a Homemade Fish Breeding Net?

Breeding fish can be a very exciting experience for an aquarist. There are literally hundreds of breeding contraptions on the market that claim to keep newly hatched fry safe from predators in the ... Read More »

How to Have Good Breeding Hamsters?

Good breeding hamsters how to...listed below!