Why is glycerin a laxative?

Answer Constipation is a common problem, and nearly everyone will experience its uncomfortable effects at some time. It is often easily treated by a change in diet or the use of a laxative.Constipation De... Read More »

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Is It Ok To Have A Laxative A Day?

Laxative addiction is a myth - the result of extremely flawed research (exposed in American Journal of Society of Gastroenterology; see also Dr Udi Shmueli's book on IBS).But medicine dependency is... Read More »

What's a laxative?

A laxative is a substance used to relieve the constipation which main effect is to secrete electrolytes and lowering the absorption of water, all of this conducing to a high hydrostatic pressure in... Read More »

I just took a laxative?

It makes you have a BM easier than if you didn't take one...

What is the best laxative?

A good hot Indian curry, they always give me bum blast.