Why is gardening gay?

Answer Gardening does not have a gender, therefore can not like other males or females. Additionally, gardening can't be happy, but one gardening can be happy. In short, gardening can not be any form of g... Read More »

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Wise gardening ones, I have many container gardening questions - or "Is there any cure for a 'black thumb'"?

1. Yes, you can plant different things in one pot. It will depend on the size of the pot, and what the plants are. You can tuck cilantro and oregano around the edges of almost any pot, but a tom... Read More »


If you're new to gardening then take a look at easy gardening for beginners. It's an e-book that gives tips on every area from planning your garden space to insects and pests. I bought it the other... Read More »

Gardening, yes or no?

Gardeners never retire, it is and ageless activity.


hi senn started gardening hmmmmmmmm............ anyways i don hav much knowldge abt gardening all i knw is that water them regularly n haan make sure that u don spray harmful insecticides on them t... Read More »