Why is free trade a good thing?

Answer Adam Smith, an 18th-century Scottish philosopher, has long been celebrated by advocates of free trade practice as the founder of free market economics. People who believe free trade is good present... Read More »

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Why is free trade good for the economy?

Free trade encourages labor force specialization. In other words, free trade allows the United States to produce and sell what it does best and most efficiently, while allowing us to buy specialize... Read More »

Are free-trade agreements good, bad or in between?

On One Hand: Good for ConsumersFree-trade agreements are good for the consumer because they cause competition that drives down prices, according to the Congressional Budget Office. They also can cr... Read More »

Does free trade equal fair trade?

On One Hand: Less Expensive Goods.According to an article by the Ana Erias published on the website of the Heritage Foundation titled "Why America needs Free Trade," free trade policies can create ... Read More »

Are identification cards a bad thing or a good thing?

On One Hand: Totalitarian RegimesThere are several problems commonly associated with a National ID card. It would require a massive database of all Americans. Databases of this size are hard to adm... Read More »