Why is food important for survival?

Answer Food is important for survival because it contains the nutrients required by your cells to carry out their biological functions. Specifically, food is composed of six classes of nutrients; each one... Read More »

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Why is fire so important to survival?

Without fire, civilization cannot exist. It is one of the earliest tools we had and the means by which we elevated ourselves above the other animals. The benefits it provides are indispensable to s... Read More »

Why is food essential for survival?

The necessity of eating the meal on the table seldom crosses the mind of the individual feasting. However, food serves as one of the essential building blocks for all organisms; it is the vehicle t... Read More »

What is a survival food package?

A survival food package is a supply of food specifically for emergency situations. A survival food package consists of freeze-dried, vacuum-packed or sealed foods that won't expire and are easy to ... Read More »

Survival Gear & Food?

Survival kits, including gear and even some food, are marketed widely. But you can build a ready-to-go kit of the essentials you'll need to survive an emergency situation. The trick is taking the t... Read More »