Why is food essential for survival?

Answer The necessity of eating the meal on the table seldom crosses the mind of the individual feasting. However, food serves as one of the essential building blocks for all organisms; it is the vehicle t... Read More »

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Why is water essential for survival?

Water is the most essential element for survival on Earth. People and animals can survive without water for only a few days.IdentificationWater is a molecule composed of two hydrogen atoms and one ... Read More »

Why is water essential for our survival?

Water allows our bodies to perform necessary functions and makes sustainable environments possible.Structural MediumWater literally makes us what we are. According to the Mayo Clinic, approximately... Read More »

How to Make a 5 Item Essential Survival Kit?

In this article, you will learn how to make a 5 item essential survival kit.

Survival Gear & Food?

Survival kits, including gear and even some food, are marketed widely. But you can build a ready-to-go kit of the essentials you'll need to survive an emergency situation. The trick is taking the t... Read More »