Why is flue pollution added to our drinking water?

Answer isn't it obvious it s working for pharmaceutical companies benefit..more sick and more depended to medicine is more merrier

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Why Is Chlorine Added to Drinking Water and Swimming Pool Water?

Chlorine is one of the most abundant of the 92 naturally occurring elements found on our planet. It is highly reactive, so it readily combines with other elements to make a variety of different com... Read More »

When was fluoride first added to drinking water?

In the U.S. - 1945. However, a lot of cities have naturally fluoridated water. In the U.S., there are a lot of news articles about adding fluoride to water. But for the rest of the world, too much ... Read More »

Is salt added to bottled natural spring drinking water?

Salt is not added, but it is naturally occurring. The FDA defines natural spring water as "bottled water derived from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the surface of the... Read More »

Can plumbing be added to a basement if rough-in is not added during initial construction and the water table sits only 1 foot below the slab?

Answer Look for a special toilet that mounts directly to the floor and the water drains into a box mounted on the floor behind the toilet, under the tank. This box contains a pump that runs off ele... Read More »