Why is fiber important to your diet?

Answer Answer It fills you up and it cleans you out.

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How to Add More Fiber to Your Diet?

Are you getting enough fiber in your diet? Probably not. Are you totally fed-up with those poor excuses for fiber in salt-packed canned vegetables? Fortunately, incorporating the recommended amount... Read More »

Why should your diet have fiber in it?

Dietary fiber contains no actual nutritional content--it provides no energy, vitamins or minerals. Nonetheless, including fiber in your diet benefits your health significantly.Mineral absorptionTho... Read More »

How much fiber do I need in my diet?

Eating enough fiber helps prevent constipation, controls your blood sugar and lowers cholesterol. The USDA recommends that adult women under age 50 consume 25 grams of fiber in their daily diet. Ad... Read More »

Why Do You Need Fiber in Your Diet?

Although intuition would suggest that making an effort to eat something the body does not digest is silly, research suggests otherwise. Specifically, indigestible carbohydrates, also known as fiber... Read More »