Why is fast-flowing water considered safe to drink?

Answer Not all fast-moving bodies of water are considered safe to drink. Microbes, which Biology Online defines as "a microscopic living organism, such as a bacterium, fungus, protozoan or virus," may sti... Read More »

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Why is there no water flowing from the kitchen faucet but everywhere else including the dishwasher there is water flowing?

Sound level Lp = 64 dBSPL equals what sound pressure p (rms)?The sound pressure is: 0.0317 pascals (Pa) = 31.7 millipascals (mPa)The reference sound pressure is: p0 = 20 μPa = 2 · 10-5 Pa (0 dB)T... Read More »

Is it safe to run the pump if the pool is over flowing with rain water?

Answer Yes, but you may want to lower the water a bit so that the debris on the deck doesn't get into the pool and contaminate the water. Most people make that mistake of turning the system off du... Read More »

Is it safe to drink distilled water instead of tap water?

Drinking a quality distilled water is the only healthy choice in a polluted world. Even the water in Antarctica is tainted. I add nutrients to my distilled by adding wheat grass it turns the water... Read More »

14 hour fast prior to blood work. How much water can one drink during the 14 hour fast?

As much water as it takes to quench your hunger pangs! :D