Why is facebook photo privacy acting like a bi*ch?

Answer change them back to private?

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How to Remove Photo Privacy on Facebook?

Facebook members can use the photo upload feature to connect and share with friends. You can tag photos to link to friends' profiles, publish albums and include comments. Privacy settings allow you... Read More »

Is there a way of making it so that other people can't see when you like a photo on facebook?

yes, just add that person to your restricted list...not sure why the other people havent figured that out yet

If you like someones photo on facebook then unlike it straight away will they still get a notification?

Yes. But if you delete it right away hopefully they only see it for a min. What you can also do is go on your timeline and hide the post that says you've liked his/her's pic.

Facebook privacy help?

No, you cant do that because Facebook currently doesn't provide such privacy options. If that page admin makes the post only to see the page likers then it wont show to your friends newsfeed.