Why is facebook not working! AHHHH?

Answer Same for me..... :P

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Facebook isn't Working 9/22/10 Does Anyone know Whats is Going on with Facebook?

THEY JUST REPORTED IT ON THE NEWS.C'mon. It's a social network site. Go outside.

Why Is Facebook Not Working Is Yours Working ?

IT's not working for me either!!!! I vote we kill it

Straigtening hair!!!!!! AHHHH?

well first i would put it on a little bit of a lower heat setting and would put HEAT PROTECTER!! . Also before you straighten your hair i would put some syrum on it or coconut oil hope i helped:D

Is facebook not working as of 9/23/10?;_ylt=…Look at the Facebook section of Yahoo answers.Facebook is down, they're doing server maintenance. Go outside or do your homework.