Why is facebook banned in china (very important plz help)?

Answer China bans a lot of things, they don't have the freedom that the USA does. The government in China doesn't allow them to have the things like that. So the government in China has officially stated ... Read More »

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Urgent!!! Please help!!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!!?

I read almost every answers here, theyre all silly, immature, and clueless.The graphics card, motherboard, and/ or RAM can be a little faulty..... there are other causes but these are the most comm... Read More »

Do I need to see a Neurologist Or is it my just my stress very important,Help?

Dear Vikram, I suggest you to give some rest to your mind go on vacation with your family don't think any think just enjoy stopped doing work and for better results consult neurologist if possible.

How do you order online on Miss Guided! Help please!! Very important..?

Rofl :)By the look of it you would.. Click on the Bag link -> hit.. Checkout now and proceed to you know.. buy it :)

Help with Facebook, important!?

The first time, I saw this question by you, it really wasn't a question and someone called you out on that. I didn't comment because it was just annoying. Now, this is the 4th time you have asked... Read More »