Why is facebook banned in china (very important plz help)?

Answer China bans a lot of things, they don't have the freedom that the USA does. The government in China doesn't allow them to have the things like that. So the government in China has officially stated ... Read More »

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How can i avoid getting banned from facebook?

in short, the main rules are1) dont spam (incluiding advertising your page, trying to get people to visit your website, leaving excessive comments to annoy people)2) dont troll and harass others3) ... Read More »

I am banned uploading videos from facebook?

Never upload any pic or video that are copyrighted.

If you report one video on facebook will they get banned?

They will get warned and if they do it again they will get banned

Why was the great wall of china important?

The Great Wall winds through 7,200 kilometers of China, and can even be seen from space if the light conditions are right. The Wall was made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987.Previous WallsThe p... Read More »