Why is everything a veg has to say considered propoganda?

Answer I'm not a vegetarian and don't intend to become one, but I think the fact that people who are, tend to go a bit overboard in trying to convert others. I personally don't want to hear how eating mea... Read More »

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Could Drinking A Lot Of Booze And Spraying Fabreze On Everything Be Considered Doing The Housework?

I think so, I mean, I consider taking an altoids as bathing.

Is the BBC's 'one show' a vehicle for BBC propoganda?

No. It's just a cost-effective way of filling air-time. (and a dumping ground for Maggie thature or whatever she's called lol)

Can you explain Love is everything it's cracked up to be It really is worth fighting for being brave for risking everything for?

The cemetery is administered by the Army. However, each branch of service sends their respective honour guards to perform services for members of their service who are being interned at Arlington.

If considered disabled and was employed as a truck driver what is considered gainful emplotment?

Assess the economic facts: your earnings before the disability, your living expenses such as housing, utilities, taxes, etc (not discretionary i.e., premium cable channels, restaurant dining, etc),... Read More »