Why is everyone who doesn't eat a lot of meat wanting the title of vegetarian?

Answer Honestly, I think that if a person does not eat ANY type of meat (all animals included) then they are vegetarian. When you only eat meat "sometimes" or only a certain kind, you loose that title bec... Read More »

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I wnt to be a vegetarian but my mom doesnt want me to be?

how old are u sweety? i had the same problem, i was about 14 when i wanted to be vegetarian just because i hate animal cruelty and didnt want to eat meat anymore cos i thought it was mean, but my p... Read More »

I want to become a vegetarian, but im addicted to meat. how can i go vegetarian?

Stop buying meat when you go to the grocery store. Use up what you're got in your fridge, freezer, cupboards, whatever. Don't waste food, that doesn't serve your ideological cause either, after all... Read More »

If your a vegetarian and eat an egg doesnt that mean your killing an unborn chicken?

I want to eat meat....but im vegetarian?

I'm 15 and have been a vegetarian for over two years. at the beginning I did break a few times and ate some meat. However, now every time my spirit needs lifting I look at a pro-animal rights video... Read More »