Why is everyone so overweight It seems like everyone is carrying?

Answer * Eating out is normal and commonplace - it used to be rare.* We are more affluent and have a bigger food budget.* We are always rushing and buy readymade/take-aways.* We don't get natural exercise... Read More »

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What's a boys name you like but everyone else seems to hate?

Not many people care for the name Riley on a boy. I see it used on girls more and more these days...which I hate. :/♥кαуℓєє ℓуηη.

How old are you everyone on here seems to be under the age of 20!?

98... jk ... 15i noticed that too and i think it would actually be better if there were more older people because they have a lot of knowledge and would probably be able to answer our questions bet... Read More »

Everyone seems to own a pair of these shoes. Do you!?

no i don't i was going to get apair like those from ae . i think bascially they are all just coping what each other wear it good you stand out as an individual and not copy them good for you ... Read More »

If everyone could design a car, what new features would everyone include?

ford did mine long ago 427 cobra..i often drive heavy equipment with joy sticks...i hate it.give me peddles and a wheel