Why is everyone expecting a tip now a day?

Answer You make a great point. I think this is a problem mostly in the United States. "We" have become so lazy and expect something for nothing. It is sad but true. The truth is that you don't OWE anyone ... Read More »

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If everyone could design a car, what new features would everyone include?

ford did mine long ago 427 cobra..i often drive heavy equipment with joy sticks...i hate it.give me peddles and a wheel

Don't you think everyone adult should experience labor pain Just so everyone knows how much fun it really is♥?

Why is everyone so overweight It seems like everyone is carrying?

* Eating out is normal and commonplace - it used to be rare.* We are more affluent and have a bigger food budget.* We are always rushing and buy readymade/take-aways.* We don't get natural exercise... Read More »

How old is everyone from everyone hates chris?

Terry Crews (dad) is 42. Tyler James Williams (Chris) is 18 years old. Tichina Arnold (mom) is 40 years old. Tequan Richmond (brother) is 18 years old. Imani Hakim (sister) is 16 years old, Vincent... Read More »