Why is everyone expecting a tip now a day?

Answer You make a great point. I think this is a problem mostly in the United States. "We" have become so lazy and expect something for nothing. It is sad but true. The truth is that you don't OWE anyone ... Read More »

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How do you know when you expecting a baby?

you will be putting on weight becoming hungry vomiting a lot in the early stages needing to go to the bathroom more often becoming sore. or you can just see a doctor or take a pee test

How to Stop Expecting the Worst?

Worrying about worst case scenarios can affect your mental and physical health. Excessive worrying robs a person of time and can cause anxiety attacks, high blood pressure and other stress-related ... Read More »

Anyone else expecting period today?

awww bless hope you get a bfp hun all the best keep us posted my af already showed her ugly face afew days ago but im sending hugs and babydust your way xx

Fun question: How will you tell the Grandparents-to-be you are expecting?

To tell my husband I got a onsie with his favorite football team emblem on the front and our last name with 00 on the back.To tell the grandparents I am going to buy the voice recorder from build-a... Read More »