Why is everyone complaining about Vista?

Answer Good question.I've been working with and supporting Windows and other PC operating systems since the mid-70's when the PC industry got started. EVERY time a new OS comes out, every time a new word ... Read More »

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Daughter-in-law always complaining to you about your son?

Your aunt is the sister of either your mother or your father. Your aunt's sister is either:your mother, and her daughter is you (if you are a girl) or one of your sisters, oranother one of your mot... Read More »

Days fans - I'm not in the habit of picking on, or complaining about kids,?

She does me. Sure i know she misses daddy Bo but get real. She has this picture and why she doesnt just stick it in front of her mother is beyond me. She is a brat had every thing put on a silver p... Read More »

Can you WOMAN stop complaining about your stinking periods already?

Why is there suddenly someone complaining about nurses who answer flu vaccine questions?

Clearly all health care professionals are scheming against the public, are really just 'advertising' for drug companies, want the senior population to die off (heard that yesterday), regurgitate te... Read More »