Why is everyone against me when i'm trying to give up alcohol?

Answer I think that your first mistake was not being honest. Just tell people you were having issues with it and that you don't drink anymore. As far as sitting in the corner... I think that was your own ... Read More »

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Why is everyone on ya so against circumcision?

It is virtually impossible for an intact child's penis to get irritated or infected, AS LONG AS IT IS LEFT ALONE! So why is it that so many intact boys get penile irritation. Because the people who... Read More »

Why is everyone against Django Unchained?

Hey NiN!I think both sides make valid arguments, personally I'm with Quentin when he says there's a level of responsibility he has as a writer when his characters use the word it's because he's aim... Read More »

What do you do when you've gotten to the Stage where Alcohol doesn't give you a Buzz Anymore?

I'm a fairly regular drinker (though usually not to excess). On average, I have a drink 4 days in every week, and my tolerance to it is very high. I found by experimentation that if I'm abstinent... Read More »

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