Why is electrical safety important for kids?

Answer Electrical safety, like any other safety lesson, should begin at an early age. Electronics are a part of everyday life. Learning how to safely use and operate those electronics is important.Injury ... Read More »

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Why is it important to use the correct fire fighting equipment for Electrical and Non electrical fires?

Water conducts electricity and is therefore contraindicated for use on energized electrical equipment, however it is much cheaper than the chemicals that can be used on energized equipment making i... Read More »

Electrical Lab Safety?

Working with electricity presents safety hazards. Unsafe work practices can lead to electrical fires, explosions or electric shock. By taking precautions such as checking equipment before use and u... Read More »

Fire & Electrical Safety?

Electrical fires kill 485 and injure 2,305 Americans each year, according to the U.S Fire Administration. Keep your family protected from electrical fires by making sure everyone in your household ... Read More »

Electrical Safety in Arc Welding?

Arc welding is the process of spot welding using an electrode. There are many different types of arc welding, depending on application. TIG welding, for instance, stands for tungsten inert gas and ... Read More »