Why is education important to the family?

Answer walk around the house singing really loud and bad, dont stop

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Why is art important in education?

The U.S. Department of Education considers arts education a core subject alongside English, math and science. Arts education includes performing, visual and literary arts and requires a curriculum ... Read More »

Why Is it Important to Get an Education?

Getting an education is one of the most important messages imparted to children and young adults. Educational choices can have far reaching effects on one's quality of life.

Why is environmental education important?

Environmental education increases knowledge and understanding about our planet and the resources available to support modern society. Helping people to learn about environmental issues through educ... Read More »

Why Is Education Important in the Navy?

The need for education is emphasized almost from the moment a person enters the United States Navy. Education is important in the Navy for many reasons, but especially because a professional and hi... Read More »